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Eye Appliques

Something new for the stage...
Glow in the dark eye appliques!
Essentially this is eye makeup you glue on with eyelash adhesive.
Branded as Xotic Eyes, you can pick these up at most costume shops online. Why wear them? Eye Appliques won't have you spending hours in front of a mirror and tons of money on Mac eyeshadows to achieve this glamour look.  

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New Dresses for the Stage or Pole Dancing

Zip it Up Dress

 We added a few more dresses to our line of stripper and stage wear. Some of these can even be worn to the traditional night clubs as clubwear by non-strippers. Here's a couple of examples:

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No Pain. No Love from the S&M Crowd.

Stiletto Heels in Black for the Exotic Dancer
Stiletto Heels in black
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Silver Stiletto Heels
What's more painful a 6 inch stiletto or a bare foot to the chest?
A Stiletto, of course! 
And, we suspected something- took a poll and discovered one thing is certain...

A barefoot stripper is not sexy!
Something about the nude feet frightens me 
More importantly, apparently everyone else who took our survey 
agrees barefeet are a no no if you plan on getting naked. 

Now that we have our point made - discover which online shop offers the best deals on Stiletto Shoes, Stripper dresses, clubwear and thigh high boots. But first, allow us to demonstrate before you take the leap to our online stripper shoe source:

Swann Stilettos for the club or stage
Swann Stilettos with silk
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Gold Stiletto Heels
Gold Stiletto Heels
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